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How Tiny Are My Teacup Yorkie`s

My Teacup babies can be as tiny as 2 pounds full grown, and on up to 4 pounds full grown. My Teacup Boy the daddy to the Teacup babies I have is only 2.5 pounds. His momma and daddy and grandparents and on down the line were as small as 2 pounds, up to 4 pounds. That`s the same with my Teacup girls. the momma`s to my teacup babies. They are never bigger then 4 pounds and momma`s are never smaller then 3 pounds. That way daddy is always smaller then momma`s for much better delivery. For example: On one of my past litters last years litter on my teacups momma is 3.5 pounds , daddy 2.5 pounds. She had two babies one girl Pebbles and one Boy Tyson. Pebbles is only 2 pounds and Tyson only got to 2 . 2 pounds. Mia`s momma is 4 pounds and daddy 2.5 pounds Mia is going to be close to 4 pounds full grown. Where Charity and Jenny will be between 2.5 pounds - 3 pounds full grown. Rafeal same momma and daddy as Charity and Jenny. Rafeal will be 3.5 pounds full grown. This is there charting weight. Rafeal , Jenny and Charity are so tiny we have to be very careful because one wrong step on these babies they probably wouldn`t make it to see another day. I also have another tiny boy that will in time be a daddy to the special little girl i picked for him. They are out of my babies. and NO I DO NOT INBREED. My boy coming up is Rocco. I have a little girl named tinkerbell also we have a girl Juliette that we are thinking about when he gets old enough. Are you ready to get a tiny baby to love? Leave your contact information on my website. I will contact you as soon as possible. Maybe you would prefer a little bigger Yorkie. That`s OK. We have Toy Charting 5.5 pounds. His name is Jax. We also have a standard girl AVA charting 7-8 pounds full grown. So when you get ready for a baby to love contact me. I will be happy to help you get a baby Yorkie you will LOVE.


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