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How To Pick The Right Puppy For Your Lifestyle

When you first pick out your baby. The baby you will love and care for for the rest of his or her life and some can live up to 15 and 20 years. So make sure you are ready for this commitment. A puppy is not just a toy you get for a while then get tired and stop playing with it. A puppy has feelings just like you and I. They can be happy and sad, they get scared yes they will even cry. So once you have decided that you are ready to be a mommy or daddy its time to pick out the love of your life. Every baby puppy is not the same just like there are different types of people. So lets look at your life style. Are you really active or are you a home body, do you travel a lot will you be taking your baby with you?


So now you need to get to know the baby`s to see which baby fits into your lifestyle. So lets talk about MIA. MIA was born 5-17-19 If you were to see this little girl you would fall in love with her. MIA is one of those baby`s that love to go for rides, MIA loves to go for long walks, MIA loves to cuddle, MIA is happiest being cuddled and loved on. MIA loves to play. MIA knows her name and will came when called. MIA is 5 months old now and she is 3 pounds. MIA is charting 4 pounds full grown. MIA is very short. MIA has a short body and legs. I don`t believe MIA will get any bigger then she is now. She may gain another pound but she will stay as tiny as she is. MIA is a teacup baby. NONE of my teacup babies are over 4 pounds and they are all very short.I went all over the US to find the perfect baby`s. I wanted to be sure they were everything I wanted to make the best babies. I looked at there looks, I wanted all my teacup babies to have short body and legs, I wanted to research there background to make sure they all came from tiny momma`s and daddy`s and there grandparents. I wanted my teacup babies to be full teacup babies not just the runt of the litter. I looked at there attitude. I wanted to know everything about them. I also learned that not everyone is honest about there babies. With my babies I want the new mommy`s and daddy`s to know everything about there new baby because I want whats best for my babies I want them to go to the right homes where they will be loved and cared for the rest of there lives. I always give my contact information. So if the new mommy`s or daddy`s need help. I`m always here even after my babies go to there new homes. It`s very important that my babies are happy and loved because after all don`t we all deserve to be loved don`t we all want to be happy dogs are just the same they want love and they will be your best friend.


We have talked about the teacup baby`s now lets talk about AVA a standard size Yorkie girl charting 8 pounds full grown. Maybe in your life you need a baby that`s a little bigger. AVA loves to be loved on she is a cuddle bug. AVA is very smart. Just like her momma and daddy. When I got my babies I got everyone of them as baby`s. I have loved them every day and I teach them, they have also taught me some things. First thing you will need to decide is do you want a boy or girl? Or maybe it doesn`t matter if it`s a boy or girl. I can tell you everything about my babies. They are learning new things everyday. I get really attached to my babies, so when it comes time for them to go to there new homes I always will cry a little because I know i`m going to miss them and this will be the last time I get to play with them, show them how much I love them, the last time I get to kiss them and now it`s time for them to go, to share there love with there new mommy`s and daddy`s. Yes I always miss them and yes I always will cry when it`s time to say goodbye but it always helps when I know they will be loved the way I love them and I love it when the new mommy`s and daddy`s will keep in touch. sharing pictures and vidios with me. I have also made some good friends.


Maybe you want something smaller then a standard but not as tiny as a teacup. Then I would say look at JAX. JAX is a sweet little boy. He can hold his ears up now. JAX is charting 6 pounds full grown. JAX loves to play. JAX loves loving. JAX is small. Boy or Girl decide which baby you will love for the rest of his or her life. You will also need to know do you want Full AKC Rights. I offer some of my babies as pet only. If you don`t know what AKC Rights are. It`s there birth certificate. It shows they are from pure breed Yorkie`s. You get so my benefits with AKC if you read my blog I tell all about the benefits with AKC. With AKC you can get your baby`s pedegree that tells all about his momma, daddy, grandparents, great grandparents and on and on. I want all my baby`s AKC its the best dog registry there is. If your baby isn`t born pure bred AKC they cannot be registered AKC. There momma`s and daddy`s have to be pure bred AKC for the puppy to be AKC registered. Now when you have decided on your baby it`s time to meet. I have drove and meet people so they can pick there baby up also i offer shipping and I also offer a lap nanny to fly with your baby and take care of your baby till you meet at your closest airport to pick up your new baby. When you get your baby you get all paperwork from my vet about your baby. your AKC paperwork if you get full AKC rights along with a goodie bag to help get your baby started. One of the items in your goodie bag will be his or her food I feed them so you can slowly get them use to the food you ill be feeding them. Along with a few other things they may need like toys, puppy pads. So when your ready to pick out the baby you will love for a lifetime contact me. ALL MY BABIES KNOW WHAT IT`S LIKE TO BE LOVED.

These babies will be ready soon. Also they have a tiny teacup brother RAFEAL.

Charity and Jenny very tiny teacup girls. They will be ready soon.


RAFEAL , This is CHARITY and JENNY`S brother. They are all three tiny. The girls are the smallest. So if you would love a very tiny baby, you can look at Charity, Jenny or Rafeal.

So are you ready do you know which baby you could love? Message me I will help fit the right baby to your lifestyle.

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