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Is your dog as happy as you?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Its easy to see when you have a happy puppy/dog they will wag there tail, talk to you, run around in circles. There are so many ways they will express how they feel its up to us to know our baby know what he/she does when they are trying to tell us something. My Buffy will get on my chest and paw at my face when she wants something to eat. She will run around in circles and start talking (barking)

when she wants to go Because they can`t actually talk to us its up to us to know our babies. Always make sure and give them lots of Love. That always makes a happy baby ( puppy/dog)

#petbonnding #loveofalifetime

My Buffy. She is a very old lady now. Buffy has had a stroke, she has no teeth and she has been fighting cancer for a few years now. She is a fighter. My husband got Buffy for me as my first christmas gift from him after we got married. From the first time I seen Buffy I was in love. Buffy was 9 months old when I got my love. She road on my shoulders on the ride home. Buffy has never been a momma , she has always been not the momma kind. lol Buffy spends her days each morning she will sit in daddy`s lap while he drinks his coffee and rubs her back. She loves her back scratched. After daddy`s coffee Buffy will start running around and just talking (barking) letting it out lol all because now its time for daddy to fix her breakfast. After breakfast we go outside for a walk and potty time. The rest of the day she is taking life easy while getting more back rubs and tummy rubs another one her favorite things.

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