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So as you know Hannah was to meet DEXTER and DON JUAN and choose the baby she would LOVE for a LIFETIME.

DEXTER / BORN 7/21/19

So today SEPTEMBER 28th was the meet and the choice.

DON JUAN / BORN 7/10/19

After meeting with Hannah a very sweet young lady and her sweet mama. I knew that Hannah would be a good mommy to either baby she chooses. I knew the baby she chose would be very much loved and cared for. Hannah loved on DEXTER and loved on DON JUAN. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. First Hannah chose DON JUAN , then before her mama and I could blink Hannah had changed her mind and chose DEXTER. But as we all know when you choose the baby you will LOVE for a Lifetime it`s a big choice. Hannah did not take her decision lightly. That made me so happy that she wasn`t just picking a baby but I heard Hannah say a quit a few times to her mama , I want to pick the right one. It was so funny to because Hannah would ask her mama`s opinion. Hannah`s mama liked DEXTER and as Hannah went back and forth choosing Dexter then Don Juan so as I watched Hannah trying so hard to pick the right baby, Hannah`s mama told her just go with your gut which baby do you want and just pick your baby.

Hannah and her new baby DON JUAN

So after about 45 minutes to one hour after we first met Hannah in person. She made her choice. Hannah chose DON JUAN. So DON JUAN is going to live in Texas.DON JUAN has a very good new mommy. I believe Hannah will be a great mommy to my precious DON JUAN.

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